Kiwi spirits

Kiwi Spirit Distillery

Indulge in the deliciousness of Kiwi Spirits Distillery, where every sip nourishes the soul. A family-run business with a passion for quality, they handcraft unique spirits using only the purest homegrown ingredients. With decades of distilling expertise, they prioritize quality over quantity in every drop produced. Their creative team is always experimenting, pushing the limits, and crafting new flavors. With heart and soul in every bottle, they are excited to  share their creations with the Dark Spirits fans!

Number 8

No.8 Distillery

No 8 Distillery is proud to showcase their award-winning range of liqueurs at the Dark Spirits Festival from their family run business, hand-distilling in Dunedin. Their Elderflower Liqueur boasts scents of toffee, petals, buttercups, and beehives with a warm honey flavor and an Elderflower finish. Their Limoncello, made with organic and pesticide-free Gisborne lemons, has a family recipe dating back to 1996. The Limoncello has a sharp lemon aroma with a warm tone and a thick, sweet citrus taste from the two zest varietals.

NZ Whisky collection

The New Zealand Whisky Collection

Experience the revival of New Zealand's whisky heritage with The New Zealand Whisky Company. In 1997 the last whisky distillery in New Zealand was closed down and the hundreds of barrels of Cask Strength whisky was auctioned off or mothballed. In 2010, we bought the last 80,000 litres in 443 barrels. The rare whisky now rests in the seaside bonds store in Oamaru. The company's dream of restarting distillation was realized in 2021 with the installation of their own distillery at Speight's Brewery in Dunedin.

Russell distillers

Russell Rum

Savor the culmination of 18 months of rum-making passion with Chris and Elliot's Caribbean rum. After a meticulous search and countless taste tests with loved ones, they finally found the perfect oak-aged rum to bring to New Zealand. Infusing it with spices inspired by the rich history of the Caribbean and the adventurous spirit of New Zealand, the result is a blend of subtle caramel sweetness, a vanilla backbone, and beautiful spices like local citrus, nutmeg, and clove.

Rough hands

Rough Hands

Try New Zealand’s first Applejack, Elsewhen Applejack Brandy, which brings a distinctive twist anytime you might drink a bourbon or rye whiskey. Crafted with a unique blend of Tasman Cox Orange Pippin and Fuji apples, this premium brandy undergoes a slow fermentation and distillation process using a German Copper Pot still. Savor the long-lasting finish and enjoy a truly unforgettable drinking experience with Elsewhen Applejack Brandy.

Juno Spirits

Juno - Vesta Coffee Vodka

Savor the perfect blend of coffee and vodka with Vesta Coffee Vodka - a collaboration between the experts at Begin Distilling (Juno Gin) and Ozone Coffee Roasters. Experience the unique taste of Ethiopian coffee beans, expertly distilled to bring out notes of blackberry, raspberry, and dark chocolate. Proudly recognized with a bronze award in the Vodka - Flavoured and Aged Vodka category at the 2022 NZ Spirit Awards, Vesta Coffee Vodka is a must-try for coffee and spirit lovers alike.


Cardrona Distillery

Cardrona Distillery is family owned and operated, and are bringing two of their finest spirits to the Dark Spirits Festival. Indulge in the ultimate luxury with Reid Single Malt Vodka, crafted using only the finest Alpine water from the heart of Mount Cardrona in New Zealand's Southern Alps and locally sourced seasonal ingredient, or try the award-winning Cardrona Single Malt Whisky, a natural and strong whisky aged for five years in oak barrels.


Auld Farm Distillery

Uncover Auld Farm Distillery’s premium whisky, crafted with the finest ingredients from New Zealand’s southernmost distillery. Their "grain-to-glass" philosophy stems from growing, harvesting and picking the ingredients themselves, ensuring total control over every aspect of production. Experience the passion and dedication that goes into each bottle, and taste the difference that comes from knowing the origins of every ingredient.


Alchemist Mixology

Alchemist Mixology will be bringing its expertise in custom cocktail events to the Dark Spirits celebration. With a focus on local ingredients and top-shelf spirits, their expert mixologists will be creating beautiful cocktails where every detail is carefully crafted to provide a truly memorable experience.


1919 - Cane Rum

Cane Overproof Rum is the first release from 1919, a full-strength, aromatic white rum with a fruity aroma and hints of molasses, and is a premium rum is sure to impress even the most discerning rum enthusiast. Using a unique combination of real boiled brown sugar from Mauritius and grade A molasses from Australia and fermented low and slow, 1919’s Cane Rum is perfect for both cocktails or sipping neat.


The Spirits Workshop - Divergence Whisky

The Spirits Workshop pays homage to the traditions of whisky making with a unique twist. Its journey starts with the pure waters of the Southern Alps, where a perfect southern climate produces top-quality grain and artesian water. The Christchurch distillery then uses smaller barrels and the Antipodean climate to craft full, rich flavors. The result is a story of pure craftsmanship, where tradition and innovation come together.


Broken Heart Spirits

People may associate Broken Heart Spirits with Gin but we are so much more than that!! We will be showcasing not only our WORLD’s Best Vodka, but
our multi-award-winning Spiced Rum, Spiced Whisky and a decadent Quince Liqueur derived from a family recipe passed down through the generations.
We have also worked in collaboration with New Zealand’s, well-loved cook, Annabel Langbein to create a delicious Plum Liqueur. Bella is a careful blend of 18 different aromatics and botanicals, enjoyed on its own, or over ice.